Setting Up Your E-mail on Apple Mail

 To access your email on Apple Mail, use the following steps.

1) Open 'Apple Mail'.

2) Click on 'Mail', 'Preferences...'.

 3) Click on '+' to add a new account.

4) Select 'Add Other Mail Account...'  and click continue.

5) Enter the necessary details in 'Add a Mail Account'.

Full Name: The name you wish to be shown for the email

Email Address: Your email address

Password: Your email password

6) Once you have entered in the details, click 'Create'.

7) Click 'Next'.

8) Mail Server:

     User Name: Your email address

     Password: Your email password

9) Click 'Next'.

10)SMTP Server:

     User Name: Your email address

     Password: Your email password


11) Click 'Create'.

Your email account will now be created.


If you are using SSL, perform the following check.

1) Click on 'Mail', 'Preferences...'.

2) Select 'Advanced'.

3) If using IMAP, the 'Port' should be 993

If using POP, the 'Port' should be 995

4) Ensure 'Use SSL' box is checked.

5) Exit and click 'Save' when prompted.


You are now ready to send and receive mail in your Apple Mail. You can do a verification by sending an email to yourself. 

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