Migrating from Another Provider to BasicBrix

Free cPanel Migration

Do you have a cPanel account with another hosting provider? We will move your cPanel account from your existing hosting provider to your BasicBrix Cloud Hosting account for free.


Not currently on cPanel?

We can't guarantee what we will be able to do, but please do contact our Support Team and we will see what can be done to help you have a seamless migration. There are some cases where by we may be unable to assist you in migration.


Using the Migration Service

Please ensure that you use this option within 14 days of signing up for your BasicBrix Cloud Hosting service. Please also ensure that your account with your existing provider will not expire within 14 days from the date you contact us for the migration service. We will need administrative access to your existing account in order to perform the migration for you. Please note that in some cases, e-mails and content stored inside mailboxes on your existing account may not be transferred. Please keep a backup of all your existing e-mails and mailbox contents before terminating your service with your existing provider.

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