[Jan 2015] FTP issues with FileZilla 3.10.0

It has come to our attention that an update to the FileZilla FTP client released in January 2015 may have modified the default settings, causing FTP connections to the BasicBrix Cloud Hosting system and many other systems running cPanel to fail. The issue revolves around the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol used for secure transmission of files.

A workaround to this is available by disabling TLS as follows:

  1. Select "File" (Top left corner)
  2. Select "Site Manager"
  3. Select the appropriate site on the left
  4. On the right there is an option labelled "Encryption". Change this option to "Only use plain FTP (insecure)".
  5. Click OK and connect.

Our Cloud Specialists are currently working on a permanent solution to rectify this issue and we apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Please contact our Cloud Support Team if additional assistance is required.


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