Transfer of domains from other registrars

Transferring your domain to BasicBrix enables you to manage all your web-based services on a single account with a single solution provider.

If you are transferring your domain from another registrar or provider, you will have to do the following things before you sign up for your BasicBrix Cloud Hosting service.

Ensure you meet the ICANN/2LD registrant transfer criteria

  1. Only the administrative contact of the domain can authorise the transfer.
  2. Your domain must be registered more than 60 days ago.
  3. Your domain must not have been transferred to your existing registrar less than 60 days ago.
  4. If your domain was recently renewed, the renewal must have taken place more than 45 days ago.

If you do not meet the criteria above, please read this article on retaining your existing registrar.

Ensure your existing registrant/WHOIS information is updated

If necessary, update your registrant and administrative contact details with your existing registrar. This is important because the registrant details must match your My BasicBrix account profile details exactly. You can update your existing domain registration details by contacting your existing registrar or via their web portal. You must also have access to the e-mail address used as the administrative contact to respond to the authorisation request.

You can also update your account profile on the profile page in your My BasicBrix account.

Preparing for the domain transfer

  1. Disable any private WHOIS services, ie. WHOISGUARD. This can usually be done through your existing registrar's web portal.
  2. Ensure domain lock is disabled. Domain lock is a registrar mechanism which locks the domain to the current registrar such that other registrars cannot request for the domain to be transferred away. If enabled, domain lock needs to be disabled, this can usually be done through your existing registrar's web portal.
  3. Obtain the EPP code from your existing registrar. There is usually a link or section in your existing registrar's web portal where you can request for the EPP code to be sent to the e-mail address of the registrant. You must have access to this e-mail address to retrieve the EPP code. If you are unable to obtain the EPP code, you cannot transfer the domain away from your existing registrar.

Purchase your BasicBrix Cloud Hosting service

The actual transfer process begins when you sign up for your BasicBrix Cloud Hosting service. Select the domain transfer option during your domain selection step and enter the EPP code from the e-mail that you received from your existing registrar in step 3 above. Proceed with the payment procedure and our system will automatically provision your Cloud Hosting service and begin the domain transfer process.

Authorisation of domain transfer

Our domain registration system will send an e-mail to the administrative contact e-mail with a link that you will have to click. The site on the link will ask you for your domain (which would have already been filled in), and your password. Enter the same EPP code in the password field and submit.

Once this is done, the system will request your existing registrar to release the domain. Your existing registrar would then send an e-mail to the registrant or administrative contact e-mail with a link that you would have to click to approve the domain transfer.

The entire transfer process from the time the transfer is approved to the time of completion may take anywhere up to 5 days, although most registrars are rather fast and some release the domain to us within a matter of a few hours.


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