Insert/Edit custom code in HTML Editor, Source View in RVSitebuilder

Please make sure your RVSItebuilder is latest version (5.4). (Look at the left corner at the bottom of any step in RVSitebuilder) If not, please contact to update RVSitebuilder for you.


Case 1. If your project is a fresh created in RVSitebuilder 5.4. You’ll get New WYSIWYG. You can use HTML editor in page editor of the page you want.

  1. Put mouse on the content area you want to insert custom code
  2. Click “Edit HTML” tool
  3. Once finished inserting your code, put mouse on the same content area in number 1.
  4. Click “Save”






Case 2. If your project was created with RVSitebuilder 5.2 , and got updated to RVSitebuilder 5.4. You will be with the Old WYSIWYG.


In Step 3 -> Page Editor, you need to put mouse on content area first, in order to open function "Source" to open and edit.



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