Difference between responsive and normal template

RVSitebuilder version 5.2.x is the Mobile Responsive Template version, which provides the new templates to create website to be stable in mobile screen. And in this new version is still providing the Normal Template from previous versions for those who have current projects using them.


According to the difference of template specification between these two types of template, RVSItebuilder program will not allow to change template type for the same project (Responsive and Normal template). This is to prevent the whole website gets broken.

Well, if you create a new project, it will have a light blue info box telling below:


Mobile compatible website

Important! Select here will mean to build your website with responsive template to work compatible with mobile version. You'll not be able to switch to use normal template later.


If you selected this box, you're going to build website with Mobile Responsive Template. And you'll not be able to change template type to normal template.

As if you UNCHECK this box, you're going to build website with Normal Template. And you'll not be able to change template type to Mobile Responsive Template.


In step 1, it has two types of template from our program (excluded DIY Template)

1. Responsive Template (available only version 5.2.x), the new templates which support website design to display compatible whether on computer, laptop, or mobile screen.

The template with iMac/iPhone symbol in the yellow flag at the right corner of the template. The preview will display when mouse hovers.

2. Normal Template, the normal templates which are provided for long versions and available to use in version 5.2 also. This type of template will not display compatible when open website on mobile.


Once you choose to create your website with responsive or normal template from Step Home in RVSitebuilder program. You cannot switch between them later in the same project.

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