Setting Up E-mail Mailboxes

All Cloud Hosting accounts have unlimited mailboxes and e-mail aliases. This article presents step by step instructions on creating and setting up mailboxes for your domain.

  1. Log in to your cPanel control panel. Please view this article for instructions on how to log in to cPanel.
  2. Scroll down to the Email section and click on Accounts.
  3. Under Add Email Account, enter your desired e-mail address without the domain in the Email field and enter your desired password. You can also use the optional password generator to generate a random password.
  4. If you wish to limit the disk space size of the mailbox, enter the size in the Mailbox Quota. Otherwise select Unlimited and click Create Account. Your mailbox will now be created.

That's it, you have just created your mailbox. To set up your e-mail client to access your mailbox, please read the article on Setting Up Your E-mail Client. To create an e-mail address on your domain which will forward all e-mails to another existing e-mail address (e-mail alias/forwarder), please view this article.

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