Understanding Resource Limits

Like many other hosting providers, our shared hosting cloud actively enforces resource limits set on the different account types. The types of resources that are affected by this are currently the following.

  • CPU - Usually specified in terms of cycles (ie. MHz/GHz) or cores. All Business and Enterprise Cloud Hosting services are limited to 1 CPU core per account.
  • Memory - Similar to the memory/RAM on your consumer devices. Memory used by the hosting system itself is not counted as part of this limit. Business Cloud Hosting accounts receive 128MB and Enterprise Cloud Hosting accounts receive 1024MB.
  • Disk I/O - This refers to how fast your account can read/write to the data storage system in the cloud. In most cases this is more than sufficient. The disk I/O limit is 1MB per second for Business Cloud Hosting and 10MB per second for Enterprise Cloud Hosting.

Resource limits have various benefits. On a typical shared system, each user can use as much resources as they require. If a script or process experiences an error, it is possible for it to consume all available CPU and memory, leaving no available resources for anyone and anything else on the entire system.

Our cloud hosting system enforces these limits so that if your scripts experience issues, you do not have to worry about affecting the system, and likewise the same issues experienced by other users on the system will not affect the availability of your site.

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